It has been 100 years since the heroes of Sandpoint drove off Blackfang, the dragon menace. Since then, the settlement grew in relative peace until it became the small but fortified city it is today. Also, people have continued to explore and expand on the fairly newly settled continent of Pindaar, taking advantage of its extremely diverse environments and founding new towns and settlements to accommodate the expanding population. However, this expansion has not been free of opposition from the natives. Kobolds, Goblins, and other primitive and tribal races do not appreciate this sudden competition, and often raid these new and undefended settlements for both loot and land.

As the tribes gain more resources, their level of technological advancement has quickened to unbelievable rates, and the strategies applied by the tribes is growing in effectiveness and ruthlessness. It is starting to become unbearable. Sandpoint has been identified as a major target by the tribes, however its fortifications have proven sturdy, and the city remains safe. But for how long? The tribes will surely breakthrough at one point or another. The heroes of Sandpoint are now reduced to 1 living member, and she hasn’t been seen in decades. Sandpoint needs new heroes to step up and declare victory over these vermin.

Harambe's Quest